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The Royal Shakespeare Company announced their guide of performances for Summer 2017 and for Winter 2017 -2018.

The Summer 2017 Season runs from February to September 2017.

The Winter Season runs from September 2017 to February 2018.

Below is a link to a handy calendar schedule:

Summer 2017 Season

Winter 2017 -2018 Season

The Royal Shakespeare Company address is:

Royal Shakespeare Theatre


Stratford upon Avon 

CV37 6BB

Parking is very limited at RSC, the most convenient car park when visiting RSC, is by the Stratford Leisure Centre, Bridgeway, CV37 6YX.

To book tickets, please go to or call Box Office on 01789 40 34 93.

Penryn Guest House is situated aprox 20 minutes walk to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre or 5 minutes drive. We recommend walking as it is safe and easy to get to the RSC or getting a taxi if you are in a hurry.

Play reviews by our guests:

Julius Caesar: For those who believe Shakespeare to be difficult or those who enjoy it traditional, this is the play to see. With the actors in historic costume and with their clear diction, they produce an excellent and easily understood performance. At the same time it has all the vitality and drama that one expects of a modern production.

After Caesar's triumphant return to Rome, he is murdered by fellow senators, because of their concerns about his future intent. Civil war follows leaving many dead. Though written more than 400 years ago about events that took place over 2,000 years ago, its themes of uncertain true facts and motives are still familiar in today's politics.  It is a play that I can recommend to all.


Antony and Cleopatra: This is a very enjoyable evening in the Theatre, although be prepared for a long stay; you won’t be indulging in an after show drink until at least 10:30 p.m. Given the length of this play it is never boring and always entertaining with many moments of wit and humour. The story is well told by an excellent company of actors. Antony Byrne is powerful as Mark Antony and brings physicality and a sense of fun to the role. Cleopatra is played by Josette Simon who is beautiful and elegant, strong and funny. I particularly liked her rapport with her attendants, making the three ladies a joy to watch as they exchanged dialogue with enthusiasm and energy. The stage uses an ingenious set, which cube like raises or lowers depending on the scene. The supporting cast work extremely hard and an enactment of a sea battle using exquisitely made model ships is useful in explaining the outcome. If you are familiar with the play it is well worth going to see this production. If you have never seen the play before, then it is worth going to experience a Shakespeare play at one of the most famous Theatres in the world. I do recommend that you read a little about the plot before hand though as this will enhance your overall experience of the evening. Runs until 7th September at the RSC.


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