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Ways to get into town from Penryn Guest House

  1. The Alcester Rd. Route – turn left on the main road (Alcester Rd.) as you go out of the guest house. It is a straight walk, passing the Morrisson supermarket and the train station. After the train station, you come to a busy traffic light, - this is where the town center starts. It takes 10 -15 minutes to walk into the town. If driving, it takes about 3 minutes.
  2. The Ann Hathaway Route – as you go out of the guest house, turn right onto the main road (Alcester Rd.). Continue down the road and turn left where you see the Ann Hathaway’ Cottage signs. Follow the signs for Ann Hathaway Cottage if you want to visit it. From the cottage you can walk into the town – it is sign posted “Town Centre” – it is a pleasant and quiet walk between some character houses! It takes about 20 minutes.
  3. The Canal Route - turn immediately right on Brookside Rd. Continue to the bottom of the road and turn right, then immediately left. You will see the Ford cars garage. By the garage, it’s a small bridge; please take the path to reach the canal.  Once you face the canal, take left and follow it.  It will take you to the bottom of the town, by the Riverside. It takes about 20 minutes and  it's an enjoyable and peaceful walk.


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